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My good friend Thomas has announced his undertakings on research of Facebook. It is in Danish, but because it might be helpful for my current study mates at RTF, UT (and myself) I here translate the program declaration (a bit revised):

1) What is Facebook? – with help from the five heuristics from Heap, Gallant & Boone. What makes facebook web 2.0?, what is web 2.0?
2) How do people build identity on Facebook?
3) A comparision between MySpace and Facebook.
4) The conception of privacy. Which data is the user obligated to inform and how are they asked/motivated to do it (default settings) (Using Goffmans (or Meyrowitz´) theory of interaction.
5) Potential for development – What can Facebook as virtuel community be able to do in the future?

Current bibliography :
“Heap, Boone & Gallant: Five heuristics for designing and evaluating web-based communities.
Hirschorn: About FaceBook.
Lampe, Ellison, Steinfield: A (face)book in the crowd
Lampe, Ellison, Stenfield: The benefits of facebook friends
Boyd: Friendster and publicly articulated social networking
Mazer, Murphy & Simonds: I´ll see you on facebook
Acquisti & Gross: Imagined Communities
Donath: Identity and deception in the virtual community
Goffman: Presentation of self “
quoted as it is on the post.

The research project is very similar to the studies we are doing in the course Research on web 2.0 at RTF, UT.

Sharon Strover has started a bibliography for the course, which is continuously being developed by the students.

Import the xml-file in the magnificent (open source) bibliography tool Jabref.

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