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Here is a slip from my Net Neutrality paper, which is due tomorrow:

“As it is described above ISPs can have different motives to discriminate content on the network. When the argument is that the ISP wants to safeguard a level of quality of service the motive seems to be in the interest of the end user, if – and this is essential – the user is interested in the content discrimination. More critical it becomes when the discrimination serves, not the interest of the user, but the ISP itself. This is when the motive is to hinder a competitor to enter the market on same level as the incumbent network provider. And this is the case when the ISP take the right to discriminate so widely as it is shown in the excerpt of AT&T’s Terms of Service above. That the story shows this discrimination has been practiced tells only the realness of the problem, and that a free market is not able to safeguard for these incidents of violating free speech and free competition. A free market does not equal free competition.”


The paper is still a (perpetual?) beta, but – or therefore (right Georgia?) – any comments are welcome.

Oh, and this is fresh from the bakery:

Net neutrality to get new life in Congress


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