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In my class research in web 2.0 i’ve been propagandaing for WordPress being able to be a social network service (SNS) as facebook and myspace.

This ability came to my notice, when I heard about Buddypress, which is a project of Andy Peatling‘s.

Other projects are out there, describes DiSo and it’s abilities as a SNS based on a WordPress foundation:

“But those who already use WordPress probably want to build a strong and persistent online presence and identity. Plus they’re the geeky sort, with whom with the idea of a unified, distributed social network might resonate. And at least some of them are refocusing on blogging. The next hot social network might just be built out of blogs.”

Yes, I am one of them.

Other addressings in the article The next social network: WordPress:

Why blogs and not Facebook or MySpace
WordPress, why and how
WordPress, why and how (based on Danah Boyd’s thoughts)


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