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Is it a good idea to enforce ‘Net Neutrality’?

Some claim an actual smoking gun hasn’t been found, though Comcast seems to be under somewhat pressure from different sides as a California court and complaints to the FCC from Public Knowledge and Vuze.

In Canada the debate is intense as well, when Matt Roberts writes about VPN, Canadian law and why some management is sensible:

“Its a bit of misnomer that if your neighbour gets QoS [Quality of Service] guarantees you’re loosing bandwidth… but I digress. Lets just say how will you know if your email is ever delayed 62 ms (milli-seconds)? You won’t, thats packet prioritization, a delay of your email in microseconds just doesn’t matter. Will you notice it during a VoIP call? possibly – again depending on how you encode it and what protocols you use. but thats why packet prioritization or what Rogers is doing, makes sense to me. QoS goes beyond just shaping and raw data guarantees. I’d personally love for Rogers [an ISP] to turn off all network management on the network for 2 days… just to see what happens.”

On VPN: Hughes is the third largest provider of IP VPN, 17.9 US market percent share, close to AT&T and Verizon (25.3% and 18.4% respectively) and, “surpassing traditional telecom heavyweights such a Spring and Qwest.” source. And this mainly by Internet over satellite.

See also VoIP VPN.

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