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To ask a question without answering is my business. writes that on Thursday is to be decided if any word can preced the webpage url, so instead of I can get an url like niels.christ. writes that this has people foreseeing a huge auction frenzy, and not only on the adress .sex

Has this kind of controlling the internet spurred a motivation to deal and develope the internet to what it has become today? If at all: How, and with what influence?

Firefox 3 out!

Firefox 3 now as organic software!

Firefox 3 er udkommet, Anders fortalte mig om det, og desvaerre var jeg ikke med paa ‘downloadingsdagen’ 🙂 , men downloader den nye version snarest.

Pt er FDIM-statistikken af Firefox 3 paa 0,243 procent, ikke vaesentlig meget, men sikkert paa vej op.

Yes, back in DK

After ten months in the new world it is back to the old: stinkende roed spegepoelse, varme hunde med remoulade, leverpostej, lakrids (especially piratos). Og solskin, fedt!

Currently I’m at Aarhus University, Teaching Assistent Webcommunication, and making plans for my thesis, which is to be done this fall.


Internet and Public Service. In need of a new ps-definition for a better society.

Very much in the initial phase…

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