thoughts, shares, links, and the like… US appeal court acknowledges the copyrigths of open source’s: ‘some rights reserved’.

BBC has the story Legal milestone for open source:

“Open source licensing has become a widely used method of creative collaboration that serves to advance the arts and sciences in a manner and at a pace few could have imagined just a few decades ago,” Judge White said. (…)

The ruling has implications for the Creative Commons licence which offers ways for work to go into the public domain and still be protected. (…)

“This opinion demonstrates a strong understanding of a basic economic principle of the internet; that even though money doesn’t change hands, attribution is a valuable economic right in the information economy.”

Creative Commons on wikipedia.

Creative Commons applicability

In 2005 Intrallect and the AHRC Research Centre for Studies in IP and IT Law conducted a study into how Creative Commons licences, or their equivalent, might be deployed at project, service or institutional level by organisations within the Common Information Environment. Excerpt:

“The study examined Creative Commons licences in detail but also surveyed alternative licences in use in the UK and around the world to consider the basis for their conditions of use. Among the licences considered were Click-Use (used by some public sector organisations), Creative Archive (produced by the BBC, Channel 4, The Open University and the British Film Institute), AEShareNET (used by the education sector in Australia), BC Commons (used by the education sector in British Columbia), and GNU (used by the Free Software Foundation).

There are many advantages to using Creative Commons including: ease of use; widespread adoption leading to familiarity; choices offering flexibility; human-readable, machine-readable and symbolic representations of the licences; sharing a common licence with many others; a direct link between the resource and its licence.”

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