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Writing on my thesis Im looking for reason why we have something called public service media (formely known as public service broadcasting).

“More people now than ever before -I don’t mean scholars, but just ordinary people – are very much interested in the kinds of effects that media has, not just on children but on politics, on social life, even on the idea of consumership[…] Aldous Huxley was talking about this 50 years ago, when he said it wasn’t so much the un-truth of information, but the complete irrelevance of information that was going to be the problem in the end. You keep people distracted, and keep them from addressing the issues they need to address, by flooding them with all sorts of information with which they can do nothing.”

Neil Postman (adbusters magazine nov/dec 2001. no.38)

qouted from wikipedia:

Postman delivered a speech at the National Convention for the Teachers of English in 1969 titled “Bullshit and the Art of Crap-Detection”. In it Postman encouraged teachers to help their students “distinguish useful talk from bullshit”. He argued that it was the most important skill students could learn, and that teaching it would help students understand their own values and beliefs.


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