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Josef Trappel, University of Zurich, Switzerland, in Convergence Vol 14(3): 313–32 (abstract), based on empirical research done in Austria, Germany and Schwitzerland.

“There are three dominant types of online media owners: mass media organizations, telecommunication operators and internet service providers (ISP). All three publish news and information on the internet (online media) (…) New or alternative providers of online media are rare. (…)

Contrary to the general assumption that barriers to market entry are generally lower for online media than for other mass media the analysis has shown that established media organizations and companies dominate online media markets. (…)

It can be concluded that online media have so far contributed little to enhance ownership and content diversity. (…)

Online media produced by public service broadcasters play an important role in counterbalancing dominant trends such as concentration and commercialization. Attempts to limit PSB activities to radio and broadcasting would eliminate these online voices to the detriment of competition in quality.”

Thanks for the hint Anders.


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