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Dear Niels Christian,

It’s been a big year for Creative Commons (CC). The community, the Commons, and CC as an organization have all grown significantly. The Commons is thriving and openness is closer to becoming a standard. The Commons has helped inspire and enable a digital revolution. Open content is leveling the playing field globally — innovation is exploding.

The importance of openness is evident, and more and more people are able to innovate because of access to open information. There are others, however, who are working very hard to put digital locks on this free public resource. As more information becomes digital and is born digital, it is imperative that the Commons and its community grows apace, otherwise the Commons runs the risk of stagnation and restriction — the antithesis of innovation. CC is dedicated to making sure this doesn’t happen, but in order to do that we need your help.

As of Wednesday, October 15th, CC has officially launched its 2008 annual campaign. This campaign is not only about raising money — though that is a part of it (with a goal of $500,000) — but about rallying the community. We need you to take action — join us and help us Build the Commons. The Commons is only as strong as the community behind it, and only by working together can we build a Commons that withstands the challenges of this generation and those to come. You can help in the following ways:

• Use CC licensed works and CC license your own work
• Educate others about the value of the CC approach to openness and access
• Join the CC Network

The livelihood of the Commons relies upon community members like you — the builders, users, and supporters of the open web. That’s why we’re asking you to join the CC Network — a formalized Creative Commons community you can join for as little as $50 ($25 for students). When you join, you will receive your own profile page, where you can list your licensed works, a button for you to post on your work that will help authenticate your authorship, and a variety of other benefits.

By joining the CC Network, you will be showing the world your commitment to building the Commons — a vital public resource in this digital age. You will be contributing to our ongoing effort to strengthen the Commons by pulling together the fractured knowledge sources through standardized language, licenses, and metadata. Perhaps most importantly, you will play a central role in helping to sustain the CC infrastructure, enabling us to continue our work maintaining and improving the existing tools and resources that millions of people use and rely upon.

We cannot do this alone — we need your help. To learn more about the Build the Commons Campaign and to join us, please visit:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Development Manager, Melissa Reeder, at xx.


Joi Ito
Creative Commons
171 2nd Street Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94105


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