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Avalanche in Ferne area – local news will rule!



As seen on Update (Danish news on the Internet) six guys are killed in an avalanche in Fernie, Canada.

This is of course already old news, when I look up “local news, Fernie” on Google and find the website, local news from Fernie since 1898 (today as well online!).

The local news are much more updated and detailed about the situation, My What?, Where?, Who? and What Now? are answered much more qualified.

Though, I would not have known this without the news feed from Update, but as I am interested in the news (since I have spent some time in the mountains surrounding Fernie) I needed more background and detailed info, which I found on

“Sgt Tim Shields said they were initially riding in two groups when part of a group of seven snowmobilers was buried by the first avalanche.

He added: “A second group of four snowmobilers heard yelling from the area and came to the aid of members from the first group who were in the process of digging out their fellow riders.

“The newly formed group was able to locate one rider, but as they were digging him out at a depth of about three meters a second avalanche came down and buried the entire group. All of them were wearing avalanche beacons.” Two men managed to dig themselves out of the snow within 20 minutes, and they located a third man in the next 20 minutes by using their avalanche beacons.

They were located in a large bowl with massive cornices ready to come down and, after assessing the snow layers around them realizing they were at risk of getting caught in further snow slides they began to walk out of the area.”

The local news rule! – it took me 5 seconds to find the source and it had better information, background details and recently updated content (“Seventh body found by search and rescue”).

It should be a required part of the journalistic role to provide me the sources and link to the more contextual content.

Enable the user to obtain individualized knowledge on their own! That is what the reader/viewer/user wants: individualized, actively accessed news and information.

Journalist, show me your sources!

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