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Comment on: “Why does Candy Crush Saga need TV ads?”

First point/theory, as mentioned by Paul Rayment, the user scenario when watching TV  is that the smartphone or tablet is out too, it is a dual screen TV watching world out there, so the TV ad is darn effective (could be interesting to see download numbers while the ad is aired and immediately after).

Second point/theory, playing a casual game is filled with stigma in the public sphere (your article is a great example of this; you are “embarrassed” to tell what level you are on!), putting casual games ads on TV makes playing the game less stigmatized, it is giving it ‘credibility’, thus making people play more and even give them an opportunity to dare spread it through word of mouth.

Thanks for a good article, would you know whether this was the first time in the whole of US (“last week”) that the commercial aired on TV?



Paid-for online news ‘makes gains’

Paid-for online news ‘makes gains’

Also, young find news most commonly through social tools.

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