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Film Focus

Three films I want to see again:

Cité des enfants perdus, La

(French surrealistic eerieness, Yes!)

La Cena
(Italian (and) intellectual living. Once again: Yes!)

In the name of the Father
(Never did realize it was Daniel Day-Lewis…)

Three recent American films I really enjoyed:

There will be blood
(Oh joy to once again be amazed by Daniel Day-Lewis. Paul Thomas Anderson really pulls the best from Day-Lewis’ abilities! The movies starts off with no dialogue (much like Leone’s Once Apon A Time in the West) only Daniel getting himself some hardcore experience (as in “Touching the Void”!) in the arid desert, magnificent!)

No country for old men
(Coen-brothers showing mastery of poetical and violent suspense)

Charlie Wilson’s War
(Love Philip Seymour Hoffman’s role in this picture. Loved him in Anderson’s Magnolia and in Coen’s The Big Lebowski. This fairly story and plot-conventional movie depicts the way of American politics and affairs in the Afghan War, all – by the way – controlled by Texas. Texas is big.) (Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin, creator and writer of The West Wing)

Three films I haven’t seen, but is going on my list:

Five Easy Pieces (Jack in denial, the movie might go well after seeing There will be blood)
Mariachi, El (7000 dollars desperado movie by Rodriquez, not seen yet!)
My Left Foot (in search of more Daniel Day-Lewis kicks)

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