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Ahmed riding the Buffalo in Colorado

Here is Ahmed riding the buffalo in Denver:

The bull is standing outside Denver History Museum. A great place telling about the Utes (Native Americans) and how they were totally thrown out of Colorado, today their reservations are in the far southwest of Colorado, desert country between Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Country that holds gems like Monument Valley and Gran Canyon (where I’m heading of to these next days!), but also Silverton Mountain, where I must go (one lift, no trails, yes)

Ahmed is almost done with military school in Pennsylvania. This summer he is going home to Egypt, where he will join the Egyptian navy force.

That way Denver offers some very different acquaintances, last I stayed at the hostel I met Murphy, a completely different character.

First stop: Denver

So this is cool, getting from winterwarm Austin to 12 degrees fahrenheit (-11 celcius) in Denver.

It was snowing, and the car I rented has to constantly have max heat on the front window, otherwise ice forms to block the view.

I was only staying in Denver for one day, as Friday night I picked up Matthias and headed for the snowwhite Rocky Mountians along Interstate 70 to Silverthorne.

I stayed at Denver International Youth Hostel for 10 dollars a night, the cheapest I ever have found in the US.

At the hostel I met Murphy. Murphy is great, he works two months a year, and travel for the rest. He had been to Denmark two years ago, where he stayed at the ‘Ungdomshus’ (Danish youth co-op house, now demolished because a Christian cult bought the house, complex legal thing). Murphy also has the greatest dreadlocks I ever have seen, he said that he was going to cut them short in a while cause he was practically tripping in them. The dreadlocks were 11 years old!

We hang out in Denver that night, going to a bar where the screens showed Rodeo and the girls went wild to the country song “If I was to play in Texas I would be sure to bring my fiddler”.

We couldn’t stay for long in this freak show – even though it was fun – and went across the street to a Irish pub, with live music (Irish folk punk rock reggae band).

Next morning Pete went with me to REI, backdoor/backcountry shop with all the pleasures for the freeride fatski skier. After spending to hours there I drove Murphy to the hostel, and drove back to spend 6 more hours there, gearing up for the days in the Rockies.

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