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Monterrey, Mexico a great city!

I have to put this out here.

When we visited Monterrey in Mexico November 1st – 4th we had a great time. The city is really beautiful; surrounded by cliffy peaks the city has a great scenery all around. The downtown area in the old part of the city is vivid and terrific, and margaritas are cheap.

But the really great part of our trip was certainly the hostel we lived at. It is located perfect, in the old cozy part of city, two blocks south from the bars, but still in a calm area, and only two blocks east of the main plaza of Monterrey. And it is very inexpensive compared to the comfort. So are you going to Monterrey consider La Casa Del Barrio and the sweet people, who open the doors for you.

The people of the place are indeed very kind and informative, and they did a lot of talk of the myth of Monterrey being a dangerous place. I can only agree with them, the myth exists, but is is not true.

My greyhound ticket officer said that it would be bad to enter Monterrey in evening time, we arrived 9 pm, but there were never a problem what so ever. Of course there is a bit of confusing, when you arrive to a place, where everything is different, and people look at you because you are two blond tall guys with blue eyes, but we found the ticket booth for the registered authorized taxis, and were driven directly to our hostel.

Another thing I wish to say: We went to the tourist office to hear where there would be a great cemetery. Because Jonas and I wanted to visit such a place during the Days of the Dead. The women were out of answers, and this was a general thing for the monterreyians, they do not think of days of the dead as something interesting. Maybe because the Day of the Dead is celebrating traditional values, and Monterrey has an image of being the modern city of Mexico. Some also say that days of the dead, can be experienced more intense in the southern parts of Mexico. But don’t miss the chance if you are going start of November to visit a cemetery west of downtown. We were there and the place was crowded with people honoring the dead, it was beautiful and mystical.

Monterrey is a great city, I want to come back, because Jonas and I never went to any of the national parks in the mountains in the outskirts of the city. That I want to try also, and of course, stay at La Casa Del Barrio. I might already come back this spring, Monterrey would be a nice place to finish of my ‘speciale’ or thesis.

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