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Facebook Identity Crisis and a round for the bar

This video is shoot a while ago, when Mattias and I where in Vail, and after skiing went to Pepis (Austrian Bar, Matthias the Bavarian was happy).

Matthias is checking his facebook, but suddenly everything feels eerie (uncanny, unheimlich or just read Heart of Darkness – the horror), he is not on his facebook account but mine, it is my laptop.

So he is confirming my friendship with Cecil, who works on the Barack Obama campaign and had the pleasure to meet him, when the presendential candidate was in Austin, Texas.

Later in the video the man playing George Thorogoods ‘One Bourbon, One Schotch, One Beer’ (John Lee Hooker with the original) is doing a neat and tight job, i love that, later he also played Roadhouse Blues with The Doors (“woke up this morning and got myself a beard”). Suddenly he stops though, to suggests an odd deal…

The waitress you might catch a glimpse of in the Austrian clothing was not from Bavaria, but still beautiful. (This note is mostly for my Aunt and Mum, they always asks if I meet any girls.)

German drinking

Matthias enjoying a Fat Tire in Breckenridge:

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