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The digital cinema, reading Lev Manovich

Lev Manovich provides good reflections on the film making process in his The Language of New Media. The digital cinema is in a way a return to the early days of cinema, when backgrounds where handpainted walls. What the digital age offers cinema is that it “no longer can be clearly distinguished from animation. It is no longer an indexical media technology but, rather, a subgenre of painting.” (pp295)

Neorealism and New Wave, go home with your everydayness and auteur-eyes and take your pastiche of dogme 95 with you!

Is it truth in front of the camera? Lie! Where is my special effects? Lev continues:

“Until recently [2001], Hollywood studios where the only ones who had the money to pay for digital tools and for the labor involved in producing digital effects. However, the shift to digital media affects not just Hollywood, but filmmaking as a whole.”

(Almost relevant: For everybody: Google SketchUp and jumpcut offering film editing online)

Even Russian Ark, this one and a half hour long dreamy shot of a movie ends in a digitally created image, the films great metaphor: on board a floating ark.

While Neorealism and New Wave (as well as Dogme 95) would reject the institutional system of Hollywood giving no artistic freedom, the digital mastering of film can exist also outside of Hollywood as tools and remixing culture is getting more widespread.

By the way, still waiting for Sin City 2 after enjoying Sin City, another great film/animation:

(Love that Kevin-actor, in Lord of the Rings his pure unflawed righteous Frodo is too rediciously played (Right, Ilin?!). Here: “damn, he is slick!”).

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