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Reading: Creton and Jackel on the French Cinema Model and Europe

“Jean-Michel Frodon argues that the survival of the French model ‘depends on it’s ability to contaminate its various partners in Europe’ (Frodon 1995:815), but in many European countries cinema does not enjoy the same status nor provoke the same passion as it does in France. Consequently, the risk is high that a European consensus may produce a regulatory framework based on the lowest common denominator. The challenge today is, on the one hand, to avert a deregulatory trend that would merely subjugate creativity and diversity to financial interests and, on the other, to avoid a return to the excessive bureaucracy and protectionism of the past.” (The authors claim earlier in the article that French cinema is in fact not protectionistic anymore.)

The French Cinema Book, page 220, edited by Temple & Witt, 2004

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