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The Road Trip Explained

December 27th Jakob arrived and met up with me in Las Vegas Airport, an airport only 1 mile (1.6 kilometer) from the Strip, the casino street of Las Vegas. Ahead of us we had tourist top milestones as great gorgeous Gran Canyon, lavish L.A., shady/silly/sick San Fran, all rushed by in a orange Ford Mustang, with the rich kids having the clicking camera out of the window.

Not much doubt where examined when the Hertz man said they had an orange Ford Mustang if we wished to upgrade. We had unknown winter terrain up to 7000 feet in elevation and the Mustang was rear-wheel driven, but hey, it was orange and would be great on the Strip in Vegas. The rich kids were not in doubt, and the roaring rampage of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California was ready to begin.

We had New Years in Vegas, crazy people, loads and all over, and fireworks in front of the Parish Casino

We were lost in the desert around Vegas (Death Valley, Zion National Park, Gran Canyon, Route 66)

We were entertained in L.A.

We had snails a Sunday morning in Solvang (and was nearly shot by a cop).

We drove the streets of SanFran.

We ran around Redwoodtrees north of SanFran

Here is the pics

Here is the videos:

Right now I’m staying low in San Francisco, Jakob has returned to the other side of the Atlantic Sea. Me, “I’m getting tired of crossing this old country west and east. I’m heading south for one last great kick” thank you, Jack.

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