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Boulder, Rose Hill Drive, Tommy Seebach and Thomas Soerensen

I spend a day in Boulder yesterday. Beautiful city, walking down Pearl Street you see every kind of living, it’s hipsters, it’s students, it’s hobos. The city lies just beneath the Rocky Mountains and the Rocky Mountains National Park, that’s means endless fun of skiing in the winter and mountain biking / hiking in the summer.

To get their I went north of Denver and turned right on route 7, which goes straight west hitting Boulder just before the grand Rocky Mountains rises from the great planes.

I shoot a video, the road is just straight straight straight, with the Rocky Mountains rising behind, and then you pass a bicycling man, geeze!

To state the importance of Boulder cultural achievements I could mention Rose Hill Drive, which I discovered at ACL in Austin this September. This ‘American power rock trio’ with roots to Led Zeppelin and Cream according to wikipedia.

They play in hometown Boulder with the Meat Puppets on Dec 30 and Dec 31, oh man, when I discovered that, I was so ready to call up Jakob and rearrange our plans to go there instead of Las Vegas by New Years.

Rose Hill Drive – Reptilian Blues (live)
Rose Hill Drive – Cool Cody
Rose Hill Drive – Showdown

The Boulder visit reminded me of the band, but at the shop they were sold out of Rose Hill Drive cd’s, so going to the internet site to buy their songs, I tripped over Rose Hill Drive homage to Tommy Seebach, ‘the Danish king of pop’,(flash-site, so go to Music+Video, scroll down), and his song Apache.

The song Thomas Soerensen so kindly also paid homage to by spreading the youtube-videolink:

(This is not the original but a remix with AC/DC, lovely)

By the way, Thomas Soerensen stopped his blog (Have you let facebook take over all your online communications?)

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