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Some videos from the hillsides in Canada

The skiing in Fernie wasn’t focused on filming good clips so this is just some random stuff. Probably only mostly interesting for the people involved.

Lasse cliffjumped this one (sadly no more space on the video, otherwise you would have seen Christian and me follow Lasses stunt. Mine would have been funnier, because I was stopped by a tree)

This is how to find first tracks when it hasn’t snowed for a couple of days. Do not follow as an example. (Cause then I wont get first tracks):

This is how we find our way in the backcountry: Find a tree, climb it and discover a new ridge which has to be passed. (remembering nearly fatal days in Whistler 2006. Thanks for saving us Rasmus.)

This one is from the top of Terminator Ridge in Kicking Horse, Canada (they know how to pick names!). This is taken by the teen Lasse and in the end you will see oldie (Niels) coming half an hour later up the hill.

This is just me going too slow and falling too much :

These videos are from other times, but I dont think I posted them ever, so here goes:

Cliffjump from Whistler

cameraman: Rasmus Foged

Coloir from Whistler:

Cameraman: Rasmus Foged

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