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Quotes from Copy, Rip, Burn

Some quotes from David M. Berrys “Copy, Rip, Burn – the politics of copyleft and open source”:

“There’s something I don’t understand about open-source movement. Oh, I understand opens-source intellectually. I understand that it means that source code is open to be read and reviewed and perhaps revised by anyone who wants to…What I don’t understand is something more sociological. I don’t understand who those folks are who want to do all that code reading and reviewing for no recompense. It goes against the grain of everything I know about the software field. (Glass 2000: 114)

Man produces himself through labour. (Marx and Engels 1999:21)”


“On the other hand we are told that the acquisition and monopolisation of intellectual property has become vital to the business and profitability and to the generation of economic power (that is, those that produce creatively have a right to the fruits of their labour). The production of software challenges this.”


Three layers of protection exist, IPR, DRM and EULA , copyrights, code and contract , and “consequently the carefully constructed balance between the public sphere and the private interest is lost” page 36.


“Too much attention has been focused on the profit-related aspects of intellectual property and not enough on the dangers inherent in the commodification of our cultural commons meanings, both those we build and those we hold as history.” page 36


“The closed-source world cannot win an evolutionary arms race with open source communities that can put orders of magnitude more skilled time into a problem. (Raymond, 2001)” page 179


“As language, ideas and concepts slowly are drained out of our public and common usage, our critical and democratic need to express ourselves, and to use and reuse culture in a new and challenging way, is blocked, foreclosed or only available at a price” page 37


“If informational products are taking up larger slices of the North’s GDP and the value of intangibles is becoming greater and greater (often backed by the code mediation of asset bubbles in physical property like housing), it is important that we appreciate technology’s role in facilitating these developments. Understanding the role of technology and computer code in mediating our experience of the world through models of reality also becomes more important (such as the complex software-mediated division of time and space into smaller and smaller units impractical to undertake on paper) – particularly with the increased introduction of digital artifacts into our lives. FLOSS, which gives access to source code, allows the reader to see inside the code and begin to understand how this code-mediation takes place.”

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