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Twitter and Pinterest on par – PEW Internet Research

Twitter helps predict the future

This is from The Technicum:

The chatter in Twitter can accurately predict the box-office revenues of upcoming movies weeks before they are released. In fact, Tweets can predict the performance of films better than market-based predictions, such as Hollywood Stock Exchange, which have been the best predictors to date.

It is of course not only for movie predictions, but

This method can be extended to a large panoply of topics, ranging from the future rating of products to agenda setting and election outcomes. At a deeper level, this work shows how social media expresses a collective wisdom which, when properly tapped, can yield an extremely powerful and accurate indicator of future outcomes.

The research can be read in this pdf: Predicting the Future With Social Media.

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Pro-speech on microblogging

Often microblogging (as twitter and jaiku) is considered a waste of time or too superficial communication. Ryan Pauls Twitter breaks down barriers in the classroom describes some of the advantages of this form of communication. The general conclusion is that:

“Although microblogging services aren’t perfect yet, users like David Parry are finding that the technology breaks down barriers and creates instant communities in unexpected environments. It also fills the void between e-mail and instant messaging, providing a quick and easy medium for asynchronous communication and general discussion.”

(the picture is the mobile version of Jaiku)

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