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Net Neutrality, is it necessary?

Discriminating certain content (packages over the network lines) on the internet is becoming more and more an issue as people fill up the internet bandwidth with wishes such as VoIP, streaming video and Torrenttraffic, all taking up a bit of traffic.

It is hard though to control ISPs, when they make strategic choices about discriminating. The debate seems to be igniting, here are some examples of the consequences and the policy at the moment:

Thanks to BitTorrrent, Net neutrality debate reignites.

(Thanks Jarle for the recommendation)

This is a quote from the article:

Simple quality-of-service networking technologies that limit the amount of bandwidth that each individual user gets could be the answer to this problem, say experts [from the telecommunications industry]. But Wu [professor at Harvard] believes the issue is not really about bandwidth management. It’s about who controls the Internet.

“The whole Net neutrality issue is really about a power struggle,” he said. “It all comes down to a scenario where the phone companies and cable operators want to call all the shots about which applications enter the market. And while that may be good for them, I’d argue it’s very bad for the country.”

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